L.A. 2037. The BION stock index is riding high. Medicines, microbes, designer babies... Like silicon in the 1990's, DNA is wealth, knowledge, power. The worth of a person, increasingly synonymous with class and race, can be read off the barcode built into any one of his cells. But when a genetic experiment gives an inner-city African-American kid the most advanced intellect in human history, the biotech aristocracy faces an enemy whose insight and ambition could challenge the order they have so painstakingly constructed.




Illegal copies must die...

Experience a world in which all of material reality has gone digital... and must now submit to the laws governing scanning, teleporting, energy and matter consumption, and all of the practical concerns that are such a downer to the designers of utopias.



Experiments in Belief

From Kazakhstan to Senegal to Hong Kong, from the 1970s to the mid-21st century, these early stories by one of America's most unpredictable writers anticipate the hyperconnected transcultural world of today. 

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Cell: emergence

Against the "smart germs" of tomorrow's biowarfare, nanites will be our drone soldiers, but for how long? Enter the fluid living world of Cell (built from "dynamic voxels") to witness the emergence of new life: YOU, a nanobot who shoots deadly colloids, builds defenses and supercharged weapons, deciphers enemy nanotech -- and awakens, during a battle with disease inside a sick little girl, to a marvellous realm, a universe of molecules waiting to be conquered.



Game Blocks

Ever wanted to make a game and didn't know where to get started?  Try out the Game Blocks visual programming environment, designed specifically for teaching the fundamentals of interaction, quest design, dialogue, and -- ultimately -- multiform storytelling.


Story Language

An experimental programming language for story generation and chatterbots. 




The Names and Motions (2018)

In this sci-fi story appearing in Clarkesworld, a girl treated for psychiatric problems develops unexpected abilities, which reveal a new mission for humanity. 

Designing Intelligence (2018)

A theory of intelligence, boiled down to two equations.

The Criminalization of Knowledge (2003)

An argument for public access to information during the coming age of surveillance and superterrorism, originally published (and retitled) by Salon.com.  


The work sample that helped me break into the game business, programmed in about four days in 1995 for Human Code. 

Requires the Adobe Shockwave player, believe it our not.


A nice article analyzing the ways in which Deus Ex predicted the future.

Kotaku UK Interview

An audio interview from my best-known game project. 

Deus Ex Radio Interview

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Social Politics in Deus Ex Audio Interview

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Cell: emergence Post-mort on Electron Dance

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Cell: emergence Preview on GameMarx 

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