"Darkly swirling possibilities... well-conveyed." (Publishers Weekly)

Everything "wants to be free" in 2996, because the ultimate 3D printer -- the demiurge -- allows anyone to print anything, including other people.  Detective Paul Cramer is about to discover that the re-printed "copy" of a person can easily be baffled by the deeds of his original, even if he is world-renowned as a decoder of the criminal mind.

If the world government were to allow the instant wealth of free copying, what would become of human aspiration? Cooperation? The social order? Unthinkable—yet Paul's original apparently tossed away his career and even his family in order to live this way—in an effortless, aimless fantasy. But did the original simply give in to urges that are already present in Paul himself? Can he really believe in a social order that outlaws the material reality in which its citizens live?

To meet our despondent 30th century detective, please see the opening chapters below.  The novel is available in paperback and in various electronic formats.

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