I am a writer, game designer, and software developer.  My best known entertainment product is the video game Deus Ex, for which I wrote most of the script.  Most recently, I completed an indie game based on "dynamic voxels" entitled Cell: emergence and the novel γ.


I work both professionally, as a scriptwriter and game developer for game studios, and anarchically as a novelist, indie developer, and technology enthusiast. Those interested in buying my time rather than my products are invited to visit my company web site.


If there is a theme uniting my various writing and software projects it must be the desire to create life out of nothing.  Every aspiring writer knows that feeling of filling up a blank page with entire lives and realities.  Artists, too.  But it's not so different for technologists.  Now that software is with us all the time, in our pockets and soon in every product for which a few lines of code might provide a slightly higher price point, creating technology also breathes life into the world.   Though my first love is writing, I am equally addicted to making new things in code, typically in the realms of computer games and language.


This site collects all of my (completed) personal work: two novels, a collection of short stories, an indie game, an open source toolkit for game development, and a tech experiment involving language.  A faint sketch, it seems to me, of what I'm shooting for, always moving in too many directions at once.  You'll know I have achieved my goal when this page has been replaced with a Sheldon J. Pacotti chatbot who can answer your questions directly.


Proof of the reality of my existence can be found in two primary locations: the Works section of this site, which surveys my personal projects, and the New Life Interactive site, which is the home of my gaming and consulting activities.